Mum mortified by Boots mix-up as teen gets ‘dirty weekend kit’ instead of Disney items

A mum has claimed Boots sent her teenage daughter the wrong item in her online order – and the mix-up proved humiliating for both.

Rather than sending the Disney-themed toiletries, including a Lilo & Stitch-themed face mask, what arrived was a ‘dirty weekend away kit’ which included some rather intimate items.

Holly Anderson-Ross says 15-year-old Shannon was excited to try her new items, but the duo were left astounded when they opened the box to discover Durex ‘Play’ lube gel, Femfresh daily wash and wipes and a packet of 20 Wind-eze gel capsules.

The red-faced 34-year-old said after seeing the array of wrong items her baffled daughter turned to her and asked: ‘”What do they think I want lube for?”

Boots accept that an error was made on this occasion and they are ‘working closely with the team’ to understand how it happened and make sure it’s not repeated.

Holly, from Hailsham, East Sussex, said: “Shannon’s was a very innocent order, especially compared to what we received, which definitely sets someone up for a dirty weekend away.

“Even ordering the Wind-eze is very, very specific. With everything else that’s included you definitely know that they’re planning on maybe a ‘new adventure’ over that weekend.

“I think it’s fair to say Shannon didn’t get what she expected, and was very embarrassed by the situation, as any teenager would be.”

The full-time-mum described how Shannon began to suspect something was amiss when she brought the box into the house and said it felt ‘heavy’ for what she’d ordered.

She said: “She was carrying the box and said ‘it feels really heavy for some face masks’. I said ‘maybe they’ve sent you some samples or something’, as Boots sometimes do.

“She opened it and said ‘Mum, I don’t think this is samples.’ As we took the items out it just got worse and worse.

“We sent a picture to my mum and she said ‘oh dear’, and then I showed them to my wife, Zoe. We all found it very funny, and the more we took out of the box the funnier it got.”

In addition to the lube, intimate wash and gas-relief tablets there was also shampoo, conditioner and a toothbrush.

The mum-of-three contacted Boots to ask them to correct the mistake and was told to return the items to her nearest store – but feels she shouldn’t have to as it’s the chain’s mistake.

Holly said: “They’ve asked me to go to a store to return the items, but they’re the ones that made the mistake and we shouldn’t really have to go out to specifically return them. Shannon orders online for a reason – so she can get it to the house.

“Otherwise I’ve got to take her out to the store along with my twins. We shouldn’t have to go to the store just because they didn’t send the face masks and sent us these things instead.

“It’d be a bit of an embarrassing situation. Obviously, she doesn’t have a receipt to say we bought any of that, so basically, you’re just walking into a Boots with this very strange box of items and saying, ‘please can I have a refund on these Windeze?'”

As for the other Boots customer who received Shannon’s order, Holly said they are likely to have been very disappointed when their parcel arrived.

A Boots spokesperson said: “Shopping on Boots is usually quick, easy and reliable, but we accept that an error was made on this occasion which meant that the customer received incorrect items.

“We are working closely with our team to understand how this error occurred to avoid it happening again in the future.”